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World-leading Expert Asks: “Could ‘Quantum Weirdness’ Allow ET Technology to Go Unobserved?”

Today, I checked with the Daily Galaxy (as I often do), and found this little gem:

World-leading Expert Asks: “Could ‘Quantum Weirdness’ Allow ET Technology to Go Unobserved?” (Weekend Feature)

It’s a cool read. And an amusing return to the ‘Seth Shostak Facepalm’ that I often perform when I hear him speak, or consider his skeptical reasoning in regard to possible ET visitation to our planet, or the lack of radio wave evidence of any hypothetical civilizations…

It usually goes something like this, “.. they would have to travel hundreds of light years to get here, and for what? Some anal probing?! hyuck hyuck… ”

And the radio wave search of SETI? Ugh.. whatever.. you’re just waiting for the television emissions of some long-dead civilization, anyways, by your own estimate..

Where was I? Ah, the article – yes, so guess what? It turns out that we may not know everything about physics quite yet. And aliens might just have advanced technology! Which probably doesn’t require linear trajectory to cover vast distances in space! Woa!

Old news.


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