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Christopher Hitchens on CNN, Aug 5, 2010.

“I burned the candle at both ends… and it gave a lovely light”

I recently had a chance to see Christopher Hitchens speak in NYC, but procrastinated, seeing that he would be back in the city by summer’s end. What a shit decision, eh?

But he’s not in the ground yet. I smell fresh earth in most of the comments posted around the interwebs, which makes me kind of sad. I mean, I know the numbers are not in his favor for esophageal cancer. Fuck – that inspired me to get an upper endoscopy for the brutal heartburn I’ve had for years. It’s serious shit.

But nonetheless – let’s not bury the man just yet. I just hope he survives the relentless boredom he’s been subjected to. Someone send that man an iPad.


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  1. Shea says:

    Was trying to figure out the author of that “I burned the candle at both ends… and it gave a lovely light” lyric. Hitch grinned when he said it, so I knew he expected Anderson and his viewers to get the reference. Anyway, I just found the scrap of paper that I’d written the quote on and googled it. Your post was near the top. I share your feelings and concerns about a future without a Christopher Hitchens. My best to you. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

    P.S. The poem is ‘First Fig” by Edna St Vincent Milly, in case the reference was a mystery to you, also.

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